Rumble Strip Pictures

Here we have videos of our company, Safety Improvement LLC, installing rumble strips. You'll see that while we rumble strip, we have a sweeper follow behind sweeping the milled rumble strips. We're working on posting additional videos, so check back often!

If you're interested in having us sub-contract a rumble strip project, or interested in having us submit a bid, please contact us.

Rumble Strip Videos

Now that you've seen pictures of our company installing rumble strips, check out videos of us rumble stripping!

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Pictures of Us Rumble Stripping

Rumble Strip Equipment

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We're proud to announce the rumble strip machine we use; it's the Jamaco Rs20B, which is the latest piece of equipment on the market. With this rumble strip machine, we can mill faster (lowering costs), straighter lines, and more even from start to finish.

Our milled ashpalt sweeper quickly and efficiently cleans up the milled asphalt and as it sweeps the milled asphalt, a conveyor belt pushes the asphalt into a large dump truck. This is truly the most efficient system.
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Rumble Strip Information

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Alerting a driver has its benefits, not only for the driver and his/her vehicle, but also road workers, pedestrians, bicyclist or hitting a disabled vehicle parked on the side of the road. However, rumble strips can also assist an "attentive" driver in determining proper lane position in bad weather. Heavy snow or rain can limit visibility, especially lane marker lines, but in this inclement weather, a driver could use a rumble strip to guide them along the road.
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