Rumble Strip Equipment

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    Rumble Strip Machine

    Our rumble strip machine is a Jamaco Rs20B, the best in the business rumble stripping machine. This machine allows us to rumble faster then other rumble strip contractors. Many rumble strip contractors average around 1-2 miles per hour tops, but our machine will rumble at least twice that speed.

    Speed isn't the only factor. A rumble strip machine that rumbles fast but isn't inconsistent or precise, isn't worth much. Our machine rumbles consistent from start to finish, and can be easily programmed to meet your state's specifications on depth of milled asphalt, space between rumble strips and other specs required by your state.

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    Rumble Strip Sweeper

    Anytime you mill in rumble strips, you're left with milled asphalt. We have a unique sweeper set-up where this one machine will both sweep the milled asphalt and conveyor belt the aspalt chips into our dump truck all in one pass. This is truly an efficient system that knocks two birds with one stone!

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    Milled Asphalt Dump Truck

    Once we rumble strip a road or highway and sweep the asphalt chips with our sweeper, we then send the milled asphalt into our dump truck. This truck is larger than other trucks used by other rumble strip companies, and has the ability to haul away miles of centerline and should milled asphalt.

Rumble Strip Information

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Alerting a driver has its benefits, not only for the driver and his/her vehicle, but also road workers, pedestrians, bicyclist or hitting a disabled vehicle parked on the side of the road. However, rumble strips can also assist an "attentive" driver in determining proper lane position in bad weather. Heavy snow or rain can limit visibility, especially lane marker lines, but in this inclement weather, a driver could use a rumble strip to guide them along the road.
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There's several reasons to use our rumble strip services. For example, we know you'll be happy with our professionalism and the process in which we rumble strip. Best of all, our ability to keep costs and wastes to a minimum and the ability to keep everything running efficiently, translates into you having a lowest in the industry quote.
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